CCTV Systems

CCTV has been at the forefront of the security industry for many years now, for good reason. The Police often use CCTV evidence to convict criminals based on the footage captured and in some ways modern day crime prevention relies on good CCTV images. With technological advancement in CCTV systems, it has also never been easier to capture incidents and footage digitally, store them remotely and access them at a later date via an internet connection, from anywhere in the world.

Without even recording a single frame, CCTV has also become an effective deterrent to many different types of crime. After noticing the presence of cameras on a property, any intruder is sure to think twice before risking trespassing on any type of premises.

Because of the popularity of CCTV, we have installed countless CCTV systems on every type of building imaginable, using numerous types of cameras and lenses. We install all of the latest CCTV equipment including IP cameras, Vandal-resistant domes and advanced DVR’s with 2TB or more of high quality storage. Our systems will only ever be installed to a customer’s requirement; if a HD-compatible camera isn’t necessary then we won’t recommend it. Our CCTV systems are tailor-made to meet the requirements of all types of applications.

We are also delighted to offer the sort of bespoke service that has previously enabled us to install flush-mounted, high-definition monitors displaying all the cameras on a property on a single screen, a solution that was installed because it met our customer’s needs. Images can always be viewed locally but our customers can also choose exactly how and where the footage from their cameras is viewed, if they take up the option to link their CCTV systems to their smartphones or tablets via the internet.

Our highly-skilled engineers are experienced at repairing and installing analogue, high-definition and IP cameras. They are also experts at getting the most out of a camera and recommending the best location to give the optimal coverage. Regarding CCTV Systems, the image is crucial as it can lead the police to a prosecution. Our CCTV maintenance schedules for new and existing systems also ensure that recording of images stays reliable and images stay sharp.

Whether you’re looking for a CCTV system that includes just one camera or an 18-camera split on a 60-inch monitor, we can accommodate every requirement. All our equipment is guaranteed and sourced from leading suppliers and manufactures such as Hikvision, Vivotek, Samsung, Panasonic, Genie, Videcon, Axis and Vista.