Intruder Alarms

A correctly fitted and well-maintained Intruder Alarm System makes any type of property owner far less likely to experience the distressing event of burglary in their home or place of work. In terms of protecting your business, home and family, there are few sounder investments than a well-designed Intruder Alarm System.

Despite offering bespoke CCTV, Access Control, Fire and Security Lighting Systems, the most popular type of security system we install are Intruder Alarms. For this reason we utilise our vast experience in this field to offer the very best system possible to all our customers, no matter what their needs.

The primary purpose of any intruder alarm is to activate effectively should it be called into action in the event of any type of break-in. However, a thoughtfully designed system will also prove to be an invaluable deterrent to potential criminals, hopefully moving them away from your local area. With so many different types of systems on the market though, it can sometimes be daunting when deciding which one might be the best to install in your domestic or commercial property.


We take pride in offering the best advice to all customers, whether potential or existing, about what system would be best for them. We install everything from brand new, state-of-the-art intruder alarm systems to upgrading an existing system that may have become tired or obsolete over time. When helping our customers decide on a system we take all of the finer details into account, from coverage and location of each device, to the aesthetics of each brand and the benefits of installing it over another brand.

As we are an SSAIB accredited company, all of the systems that we commission and install follow the industry standards set out as being PD6662 or BS4737. During our survey visit, we discuss fully with the customers what grading their equipment will need to be and what standards will need to be adhered to in accordance with their requirements.

We offer a number of maintenance & support packages to suit your needs and budgets, depending on what level of communication your intruder alarm system will be installed with. As a company we install all types of communicators and can connect our customers to our preferred monitoring station, should they wish. We can also set a customer up with a police Unique Reference Number (URN), should they require police response on their system.

Given our extensive knowledge and experience of this field of the security industry, we excel at dealing with all types of intruder alarm control equipment. Our preferred manufacturers are Texecom and Galaxy but we are also comfortable when working with Scantronic, Menvier and many other brands.